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Our own story related to TAKEFU

Vol.1 Shop of TAKEFU "eau" スタッフK Staff K 

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Vol.2 Shop of TAKEFU "eau" Staff Y

Vol.2 Shop of TAKEFU "eau" Staff H

Watashi to TAKEFU

vol.1 Staff K







As I interviewed K, an employee of TAKEFU, I couldn't help but notice her youthful energy and genuine love for life. Born in the same year as me, K seems to embody a certain simplicity and straightforwardness in her fashion, food, and hobbies that I couldn't help but admire.




― K「5年くらい前、ちょうど何をしようか迷っていた時、TAKEFUで働いている友達に誘ってもらったんです。正直TAKEFUのことを何も知らなくて、そもそもオーガニックの商品などにも全く興味がありませんでした。知らない世界に飛び込んだ形です。洋服がどんな繊維で作られているか確認したこともなかったですし、自分が着るものにこだわりもありませんでした。」

I started our conversation by asking K about her journey with Takefu and how she ended up working there. Her response surprised me, as it was not a straight path nor was it something she had envisioned for herself.


"I trained in ballet from the age of four until my first year of university. Becoming a ballerina was my dream, so my life was consumed by ballet. However, I began to question if I had what it takes to become a professional ballerina, so I decided to go to university instead. I pursued a field of study that was still connected to the arts and wasn't really expecting to end up working at a place like Takefu."


I was curious to know how K, who came from a completely different world, discovered Takefu. She shared that it was a friend who worked at Takefu who introduced her to the company.


"About five years ago, when I was feeling lost and unsure of what to do next, my friend invited me to visit Takefu. I didn't know anything about the company or organic products, and I had no interest in them at the time. It was like jumping into an unknown world. I had never even thought about what fibers were used to make the clothes I wore, and I had no personal style preference."


― K「そうですね。洋服は昔から大好きでした。ただどういう生地か?とか、体に良いかは考えていなくて。服を選ぶ時の基準はただひとつ、見た目が好きなもの。大学の時は古着屋さんに通っていました。安いし、派手なものが好きなので合うんですよね。」



― K「正式に入る前、社長のお話会に参加しました。そこで竹布の説明をお聞きして、商品を実際使ってみたんです。柔らかさに衝撃を受けました。触った瞬間、柔らかい!!!なにこれ!!!と。よく言われていることですが、竹からこんな生地ができるということが純粋に驚きでした。」

"But I think you are really fashionable."

"Yes, I've loved clothes since I was young. However, I never really thought about what kind of fiber they were made of or whether they were good for my body. The only criteria for choosing clothes is whether I like the way they look. When I was in college, I used to go to second-hand clothing stores because they were cheap, and I like flashy things, so they suited me."

"It's amazing that you learned about TAKEFU and ended up working here."

"Before officially joining, I attended a talk by the CEO. There, I heard about bamboo fabric and tried using the product myself. I was shocked by how soft it was. When I touched it, it was so soft!!! What is this!!! As everyone says, I was genuinely surprised that such a fabric could be made from bamboo."




When I joined TAKEFU, I remembered the explanation of bamboo fabric from the CEO and the feeling of bamboo fibers in my palm. Like K-san, before discovering TAKEDU, I was not very knowledgeable about "body-friendly" products, and honestly, I didn't believe that there was much of a difference. Nevertheless, I remember feeling the fluffy softness of the bamboo fibers in my palm and the strange warmth that gradually grew in my right hand. Maybe this really is a good product?"









―元々健康なKさんでも、体に目を向けてからの変化を実感することはありましたか?― K「私は以前、霜焼けになりやすい体質だったのですが、それをTAKEFUの社員さんたちに相談したところ、裏パイルの5本指ソックスを薦めていただきました。それを履いてみたら、霜焼けがすぐに治ったんです!驚きました。そういえば最近、霜焼けになってないですね…年齢的なものなのか、TAKEFUのおかげなのかはわかりませんが。」



― K「そうですね。あと冬は絶対に、裏パイルソックスか、ヤクの裏パイルソックスを履いて寝ています。あれは凄いですよ!もう身につけないと、足先が冷たくて眠れません。履き心地も、裏パイルがモコモコしていて気持ち良いです。裏パイルソックスはもう在庫限りで販売終了になっているので、もうすぐなくなってしまうんですよね。買いだめしておかなければと思っています。」


K, who was used to the world of ballet and art, has dived into the world of TAKEFU. It is a completely different world, which makes every day a continuous learning experience for her.

"I have always had tough skin, so I used to wear any kind of fabric without any problems. However, since joining TAKEFU, I have learned that some people cannot wear synthetic fibers and have experienced the feeling of heavy clothing. Also, I used to be quite carefree and didn't pay much attention to my body, but while working at TAKEFU, I have met many people who take good care of their bodies, and I think I have been influenced and changed in that aspect as well."

When asked about specific changes, K replied, "I have learned to pay attention to keeping my body warm. I never used to think about being cold, and I thought that feeling cold and chilly was something you just had to endure. Even though my mother used to tell me not to get chilled, it didn't really register until recently."

"Even though I was originally healthy, I did notice changes in my body once I started paying more attention to it. For example, I used to be prone to getting frostbite, but when I consulted with the employees at TAKEFU, they recommended five-toed socks with pile fabric on the back(Ura pile Socks). When I tried them, my frostbite quickly improved! I was amazed. Come to think of it, I haven't had frostbite recently... I don't know if it's because of my age or because of TAKEFU."

K emphasized that even small changes can make a big difference, saying, "During the winter, I always wear pile socks or Yak pile socks to bed. They are amazing! If I don't wear them, my feet get cold and I can't sleep. The pile fabric is soft and comfortable. Pile socks are already being discontinued, so I'm thinking about stocking up."

It's true, since encountering TAKEFU, I've realized that I used to live my life with small discomforts like feeling "cold" or "slightly itchy" without even noticing. I never even imagined that these discomforts could be improved or eliminated altogether. Perhaps those of us who don't experience major discomforts in our daily lives are more prone to overlooking these small ones. Even recently, I recommended TAKEFU to a friend, telling them that it would make them feel much more comfortable, but they were hesitant to believe me. It seems that experiencing it for oneself is the only way to truly understand the difference TAKEFU can make.

Watashi to TAKEFU

vol.1 Staff K








K, who has become more conscious of her body, is seeing changes in her lifestyle as well.

"Before, I used to buy a lot of cheap and cute things, but lately I've been feeling the desire to have fewer but better quality items. This might be due to my age... I also enjoy decluttering!"

"How many clothes do you have at home?"

"I still have about a full chest of drawers worth of clothes. I used to work with a girl who was a minimalist, and she only had three patterns of clothes that she would wear and mix and match. She had been living that way since high school, and she said that it made her life so much easier because she didn't have to spend time thinking about what to wear or owning too many things. I think it's amazing. I'm not quite at that level yet, but I want to aim for a lifestyle where I can live comfortably while still enjoying fashion to some extent."


It's interesting to see how K's improved body awareness has affected her perspective on material possessions. She's now valuing quality over quantity and is inspired by the minimalist lifestyle of her former colleague. It's a reminder that our physical and mental well-being are interconnected, and changes in one area can lead to positive changes in other areas of our lives.


元々の生活は保ちつつ、変化も取り入れているKさん。 その選択は全て“自分が好き、自分に合う”という判断基準に基づいていて、とてもシンプルです。





― K「スパッツを履き始めたのはかなり大きいです。それまでは冬もズボン一枚で過ごしていて、重ね着するという概念があまりなかったのですが、ここ二、三年で履くようになって体が温まってきました。その快適さに目覚めて、色んなインナーを試してみたい!と他の素材のスパッツを試したこともあったのですが、冷たく感じてしまって、戻ってきましたね。」



― K「わかりますね!TAKEFUのスパッツを履いてしまうと、肌が丈夫な私でも、他の素材を身につけたいと思わなくなりました。感覚的なことなのですが、とにかく暖かくて気持ち良いんですよね。他の物を履いた時、特に違いを感じます。」

K has been incorporating changes into her life while maintaining her original lifestyle. Her choices are based on a very simple criterion - "I like it, it suits me".


When asked about her lifestyle preferences, she mentioned that she doesn't have any particular obsession and prefers to live a relaxed and stress-free life, enjoying hobbies like decluttering. This laid-back attitude towards life seems to be the hallmark of K-san's personality.

Moving on to health-related habits, K mentioned that she started wearing leggings a few years ago, which has had a significant impact on her health. In the past, she used to wear only one pair of pants even during winters, but she realized the benefits of layering clothes and started wearing leggings. K also experimented with different fabrics for leggings but eventually settled on Takefu's leggings, as she found them the warmest and most comfortable.

Despite having tough skin, K could notice the difference in fabric quality while wearing Takefu's leggings, and she doesn't feel like wearing anything else. She also highlighted the warmth and comfort she experiences while wearing them and how she feels the difference when she wears anything else.

















"I heard that you've started doing hot yoga," I asked.

"Yes, I do practice hot yoga. I know it might sound like I'm promoting them, but the TAKEFU spats that I wear make it very easy to move around during yoga since they don't constrict my movements. They also absorb sweat, making them essential for hot yoga," K replied.

"I have the impression that hot yoga makes you sweat a lot, but can the spats still absorb the sweat?" I inquired.

"Of course, I still get wet from sweating, but I don't feel uncomfortable or drenched in sweat. The spats are very comfortable to wear, even during hot yoga," K explained.

When discussing health, the topic of TAKEFU spats came up again. K told me that she even wears them during winter walks, and the warmth and comfort they provide make exercising less stressful and uncomfortable. This is a fantastic cycle where comfort leads to more continued use. Personally, since wearing TAKEFU, I have noticed fewer cold days, and I have been able to walk and engage in outdoor activities more frequently. This has made me realize that there are many benefits to TAKEFU beyond its use for specific ailments.

So, what is your secret to staying healthy, I asked K.

"Stop worrying about the little things," she replied.

"That's a very simple answer, but it makes a lot of sense," I said.

"Perhaps it's the foundation of everything, not worrying about the little things. However, being too carefree about our health and wellbeing can lead to problems down the line. TAKEFU has helped me make small improvements over time, which is great. On the other hand, worrying too much can make things worse and lead to negative feelings. It's essential to find a balance and not worry too much while taking care of ourselves. Eat what you love, drink what you love, and don't worry too much. Not worrying about the little things is essential to taking care of ourselves," K concluded.











The most impressive thing about talking with K was that there was no hesitation in any of their responses. When I am asked a question, I often find myself thinking from various angles, which can make it difficult to convey what I want to say. However, K-san's answers were always clear and conveyed a straightforward way of living and mindset.

One answer that stood out was "don't worry about it." At first glance, this may seem like an easy choice, but in reality, it can be challenging for many people in their daily lives. When it comes to one's health and lifestyle, there are many opinions and recommendations to consider. Sometimes, striving towards self-imposed goals can lead to stress and frustration.

Of course, for those who find joy and fulfillment in pursuing goals, that may be the best approach. However, if one realizes that what they thought was right for them is causing stress, it may be helpful to remember the phrase "don't worry about it."

I am also sensitive to what I like and what works for me, but like K, I want to reflect on myself more and make changes where necessary.



ナファ生活研究所直営店 Shop of TAKEFU "eau" 勤務。趣味は宝塚観劇、旅行、食事など。 



Interviewer Y

Born in 1992. Works at the TAKEFU shop "eau". Hobbies include watching Takarazuka Revue shows, traveling, and dining out. Favorite colors are orange, yellow, and green. Favorite season is summer. Recently happy with the warmer weather. Favorite TAKEFU products include Soft Fit Inner, Spats, and Bath Towels.

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