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Our own story related to TAKEFU

Driven by Curiosity

vol.12 Body Worker K


.K is a long-time user of TAKEFU and a practitioner of a unique health practice. When K enters a room, the atmosphere instantly brightens. K exudes an effervescent energy. Although we had never had a lengthy conversation before, as we began to chat, I quickly understood the source of K's positivity. We started our interview discussing K's work.










— Can you tell us about the type of therapy you practice?


K: "It's called Tarutama, which involves stepping on the entire body for treatment. The idea is to improve overall body circulation and health. I rent a place in Tokyo, where I hold practice sessions. We pair up and practice this treatment on each other."

— Is this practice session attended mainly by people who, like you, offer treatments?


K: "Yes, that's correct. Also, some people come to learn the technique. As therapists, we don't often have the chance to receive the treatments ourselves, so this offers a unique opportunity for us to do so."


— What type of health method is Tarutama?


K: "Originally, it's derived from the Rakken method, and we've named it uniquely as Tarutama. 'Taru' stands for foot and 'tama' means ball in Japanese. Have you ever heard of 'Tokusa-no-Kandakara,' the Ten Sacred Treasures? One of these treasures is the 'Taru-tama,' which is believed to maintain the body in a complete and healthy state. I found this concept intriguing and decided to base our activities on it. Moreover, we incorporate the use of crystals. Crystals aren't just mysterious objects (laughs), they are arranged to adjust the frequency. If the environment is adjusted, the human body will also be balanced. Crystals have such power. This is not just a spiritual story; it's scientifically proven. During treatments, I lay out fabric from TAKEFU, place a TAKEFU towel under the head, and I also wear TAKEFU while performing the therapy."

リラックスパンツ-ライラック (15).jpg










— How does using TAKEFU affect your treatments?


K: "The body relaxes more quickly. I've been acquainted with TAKEFU for quite some time now, and it has become a natural part of my life. The other day, I introduced someone to TAKEFU for the first time, and they were amazed by it. It made me remember how surprised I was when I first encountered TAKEFU – something I've come to take for granted."

— Do you think the experience is different for those receiving treatments when they are also wearing TAKEFU?


K: "Yes, I believe it's more comfortable. Just wearing TAKEFU makes a difference, doesn't it?"


— The true value of TAKEFU is indeed felt when you actually wear it. Of course, you can tell by touch alone that the fabric is soft and pleasant, but it's through wearing it that you really understand what benefits it brings to your body... Can you tell me about your first encounter with TAKEFU?


K: "I suffer from atopic dermatitis, so I was aware that such products existed. However, it was through a healer in New York, who happened to be an acquaintance of Mr. Aida, the CEO, that I really got to know about it. The healer recommended that I try the masks, and that was my first experience using TAKEFU. I started assisting with selling the masks, and that marked the beginning of my relationship with TAKEFU."






K「あと、測定していないので何とも言えないんですが、電磁波からも守ってくれる気がします。清布ショールを纏っていると体が本当に楽なんです。忘れると気分がどよんとなります(笑)。プラシーボ効果かもしれませんが、安心感があります。 あと布ナプキンもおすすめです。冷えが全然違う。布ナプキンに抵抗ある人もいるとは思いますが、意外と使ってみたら習慣になって楽になります。もう少し若い時に出会えていれば良かったなと思います。私が若い時は布ナプキンの情報は入ってきませんでした。」





— Could you tell us about your favorite TAKEFU products?


K: "I'd say my favorites are the leggings. Also, I can't do without the shawl. It's the large seifu shawl they used to have. I travel a lot, so it's a must-have for airplanes and bullet trains."


— It's still being sold today, now under the name of Seifu Gauze Shawl. It only comes in one color, natural, but it is available in two sizes. It can be used to adjust your body temperature in any season. Some customers even use it as a scarf in the winter.


K: "Although I haven't measured it, I also feel like it protects me from electromagnetic waves. When I'm wrapped in the Seifu Shawl, my body feels really comfortable. If I forget it, I feel down (laughs). It could be a placebo effect, but it gives me peace of mind. I also recommend the cloth sanitary pads. They really make a difference in terms of body temperature. I know some people are resistant to the idea of cloth pads, but you might be surprised to find it becomes a habit and makes life easier once you start using them. I wish I had found them when I was younger. I wasn't exposed to information about cloth pads when I was young."

— I didn't know about them either until I started working at TAKEFU. Since starting here, I've switched to cloth pads, and I've found that they've reduced the discomfort I feel during my period. All you have to do is soak them, then you can wash them in the washing machine. Even a lazy person like me can do it!


K: "I was surprised at the difference when I forgot my cloth pad when I was out and had to use a commercial paper pad instead. I thought, 'Wow, it's cold.' I had forgotten because it had become so natural (laughs)."


















— Do you have any unique ways of using TAKEFU products, K-san?


K: "Actually, I don't use a pillow when I sleep. So, I just lay a TAKEFU towel down where my head goes and sleep on that."


— Why don't you use a pillow?


K: "I've been looking for the perfect pillow for myself for a long time and tried various ones, but eventually, I realized that it's easier not to use one. If you have a mattress with some cushioning, you don't need one."

— I usually wake up with my head off the pillow, so I may not need one either (laughs). I'd like to try it for sure. K: "Also, I use the fabric as bed sheets."

— Quite a lot of our customers do that. Some even use it as a cover for sofas or cars for their small children. K: "Also, my mother sews, so she made me pajamas from the fabric. They are homemade TAKEFU pajamas. They are so worn out that I can't show them to anyone, but they feel so good that I can't throw them away."

サクラソラとサクラレッグウォーマー着用 (12).HEIC













K「今も少し残っているんですが、もともとアトピーがひどくて。私今55歳なんですけど、私が小さい頃、ちょうどステロイドが出てきて、ステロイドが良くないだなんて夢にも思っていませんでした。痒みもおさまるし、いったんは綺麗になるので。大量投与をずっとしていて、30歳過ぎまでひどくて。その頃、ステロイドが良くないんじゃないかという新聞の記事をたまたま見て、勝手に断薬したんです。そういうのもあって、色々なことに興味があって、体のこととか。とにかく健康に興味があって。治したいというより、どうやったら楽に生きれるんだろう、という人体実験じゃないけど、リフレクソロジーをやったりアロマセラピーをやったりと自分の体で色々と試しました。とあるときにタイに旅行に行って、タイ古式マッサージを習いにいったんですが、タイの先生に君の指じゃ無理だよ、と言われて。私の指って全く反らないんです。そうすると手を壊すよと言われて。せっかくタイに来たので、とりあえず習うだけ習って帰国しました。帰国して、ふと足を使ったマッサージあったよなぁと思い、『足 マッサージ』で調べて、楽健法に行きつきました。そのあと、TAKEFUさんや水晶との出会いがあり、たるたま(足玉)として独自の施術にたどり着きました。そしたら足でやるのは自分に向いていました。指で押すよりもみ返しがありません。圧はかかるけど、指より足の方が面が広いので。」

— That's a common sentiment among TAKEFU users (laughs). We often hear from customers who say they can't throw away our products, even if they have holes, because they're so comfortable.


K: "I only wear them to sleep, so nobody sees them. Even though they're worn out, they're still comfortable, so they're essential to me. I can't imagine life without TAKEFU, it's been over 10 years now. Also, I can't go without it when I'm giving treatments. I've recently started doing facial treatments, and when I put the arm and leg warmers on my arm, it relaxes quickly. It helps me to not get tired easily, and also has a relaxing effect on the person receiving the treatment."

—So the people receiving the treatment also relax more quickly?


K: "Yes, they do. So, the treatment finishes faster. There might be individual differences, but there is a significant difference between using TAKEFU and not using it."


—Indeed, it seems that TAKEFU is necessary even in industries such as massage.


K: "I can't understand the choice not to use it (laughs)."

—It's amazing that there are benefits for both the one giving and the one receiving the treatment. How did you become a practitioner, K-san?


K: "I still have a bit of it, but I originally had severe atopic dermatitis. I'm 55 now, but when I was a child, steroids just started to be available, and I never even dreamed that steroids might not be good. It relieves itching, and the skin initially becomes beautiful. I was taking a lot of it until I was over 30, and it was terrible. Around that time, I happened to see a newspaper article saying that steroids might not be good, so I decided to stop taking them on my own. That sparked my interest in various things, especially the body. I was mainly interested in health. I didn't want to cure it, but rather to see how I could live more comfortably. I tried various things on my own body, like reflexology and aromatherapy. Once, I went on a trip to Thailand and went to learn Thai traditional massage, but the Thai teacher told me that I couldn't do it with my fingers. My fingers don't bend back at all. He told me that it would ruin my hand. I had come all the way to Thailand, so I decided to learn as much as I could and then return to Japan. When I came back to Japan, I remembered that there was a massage using feet, so I searched for "foot massage" and found Rakuken Method. After that, I met TAKEFU and crystals, and I developed my own treatment as Tarutama (Football). It turned out that doing it with my feet was right for me. There is no backlash from pushing with my fingers. Although it applies pressure, the foot has a larger area than the fingers."

サクラソラとサクラレッグウォーマー着用 (10).HEIC







K「そうですね。あと結局、施術をする方にとってもいいんですよ。片足でちゃんと立てるようになる。所謂、体幹が鍛えられます。あと、竹踏みってあるじゃないですか?それと同じで、竹ではなく人間でやっているようなものなので、足の裏に刺激があっていいんです。 昔、万歩計をつけて施術をしたことがあって、全身で、うつ伏せ仰向け左右、首から下全部で、一人当たり5000歩ぐらいいくんです。」




K「本来、やってやられて皆で楽しくが一番です。そんな教室を成田とひばりが丘の実家のサロン(空と心は繋がっています)、広島のここぺりハウスで『たるたまひろば』として開催しています 。」







K「辛かった時期があまりにも長かったので、ちょっとしたことぐらいじゃ大丈夫なんですよ。あとは好きな事をしていればいいかなって。我慢していても明日死ぬかもしれないし。 あとはそもそも生まれがうるさいんでしょうね(笑)。インドの占星術で健康のハウスなのでどうしても気になるんでしょうね。施術がしたいとかではなく、興味本位で健康や心と体の関係が気になってしまう運命ではあるのかもですね。」





―I remember when I was in junior high school, we used to pair up for stretching exercises in club activities, and it felt good to have areas like the hips and buttocks pushed with a foot. It felt nice with just the right amount of force.


K: "With hands, you need to exert force, but with feet, you just need to step on. I think there are many different types of foot massages that have evolved in various ways."

―Did your body condition improve with Tarutama (foot ball), K-san?


K: "Yes, that's right. And in the end, it's also good for the person giving the treatment. You become able to stand properly on one foot. In other words, it trains your core muscles. You know bamboo stepping, right? It's the same as that, but instead of bamboo, you're doing it on a person, so it's good to have stimulation on the soles of your feet. A long time ago, I wore a pedometer while giving a treatment, and I took about 5000 steps per person for the whole body, face down, face up, left, right, from the neck down."

―That's quite a lot of exercise. If you treat two people, it adds up to 10,000 steps!


K: "Ideally, it's best if everyone has fun giving and receiving treatments. We host such classes as "Tarutama Hiroba" at our salons in Narita and Hibarigaoka (connected with the sky and heart), and at Kokoperi House in Hiroshima."

―Lastly, I always feel a vibrant and cheerful aura from you, K-san. What's your secret to staying energetic?


K: "Actually, I had been sick for a long time and somehow didn't die. The president and vice-president of TAKEFU were really supportive when I was so sick that I might die, and introduced me to various things. Even when the doctors and the herbal medicine practitioners seemed to give up on me, saying, 'this is hopeless', the president and vice-president worked really hard for me. Thanks to them, I was able to recover and became a noisy person (laughs). Maybe it was overlapped with menopause, but I had constant bleeding and was in a perpetual state of anemia. At that time, I had become accustomed to this hardship."

―So you have overcome all that to be where you are now.


K: "The difficult period was so long that I can handle little troubles without problems. And I think it's okay to do what you love. You could die tomorrow even if you bear with it. And I suppose I was born to be noisy (laughs). In Indian astrology, my House is associated with health, so I guess I'm destined to be concerned about health. It's not that I want to give treatments, but I'm destined to be interested in health and the relationship between mind and body out of pure curiosity."

―It's wonderful that your interest has turned into your work, and that you're able to share it with others. K: "It's because there are people who are willing to receive it, and people who lend me their space. I can't do anything alone. I think the connection is really important."


After listening to K-san, I've realized that to stay energetic, it's not about trying to always be in high spirits, but rather accepting yourself even when you're not feeling well. You are your own best understander. It made me want to live cherishing what moves my heart.


1993年生まれ。ナファ生活研究所直営店 Shop of TAKEFU "eau" 勤務。 



Interviewer Tamanegi(Onion)
Born in 1993. works at the Shop of TAKEFU "eau".

Motto is "It won't kill me." Hobbies include watching stage performances and visiting shaved ice shops. Has a strong curiosity.  Favorite TAKEFU items are spats and the Soft Fit Haramaki.

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