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Our own story related to TAKEFU

Working with Honesty: No Lies Allowed

vol.10 TAKEFU Staff U


UさんはこれまでShop of TAKEFU "eau"でアルバイトをしていましたが、このたび社員として本格的に働き始めました。 




This time, we're interviewing Ms. U, who has been associated with TAKEFU for about three years. Ms. U used to work part-time at shop of TAKEFU "eau", but she has recently begun working full-time as an employee. Having traversed various worlds - a soccer player in her teens, an actor in her twenties, and now with TAKEFU - Ms. U always brings a gentle and boyish atmosphere, coupled with a soft demeanor. She leaves an impression of having a broad tolerance and consideration, as if she could be everyone's sounding board. We took the opportunity to ask about her current mindset as she begins a new chapter at TAKEFU, being a fresh breeze in the company after her career change.





―What led you to encounter TAKEFU?―

U: "A friend of mine was working at 'eau' and she invited me to join her, saying they were short-staffed. Without even asking in detail about the job, I responded, 'Oh, yes, I'll do it!'. It happened when I was planning a trip to London. I came for the interview on the day of my departure, lugging my suitcase (laughs). The most surprising thing at that time was when the CEO told me, 'You don't have to sell'. I was told not to force sales, just to explain to the customers. What?! Even though I'm a shop assistant?! That was such a shock that I hardly remember anything else. There was also a coincidence that my parents and the CEO attended the same high school, so I got accepted on the spot and decided to work there. When I told the CEO about my upcoming trip, he lent me a Seifu gauze shawl. He said it would put me to sleep instantly if I used it on the plane. I remember wrapping myself in the Seifu and sleeping, without using the blankets provided on the long flight. It felt incredibly comfortable. The plane was dry, so I also wore a hydration mask. I was in my acting phase then, so from that point on, I started wearing a mask when I sleep."







―It seems TAKEFU is quite useful on planes too! Speaking of traveling, the recently released photos are very impressive.―

U: "These are from last year. While I was working part-time at 'eau', I had another job which took me to Europe, and I took the opportunity to travel. I invited M, who is also working at 'eau', and she wanted to go to Switzerland. So, we went to Paris, where I had work, Spain, which I wanted to visit, and then to Switzerland. This picture was taken at the Matterhorn in Switzerland; it was more like a hiking trail than a mountain climbing route. I love traveling! I take TAKEFU wherever I go."

―Many people say that TAKEFU is suitable for travel because it has antibacterial properties and can be used without washing.ー

U: "I'm a bit of a clean freak, so even though I was told it doesn't need to be washed, I used to wash it. With bath towels, I somehow managed, because I use them to wipe my clean body. However, I couldn't stand the idea of reusing something that I had worn and sweated in without washing it. But recently, I've decided to try using it without washing, as I want to explain it to the customers using my own words based on my understanding. For instance, I prepared a tank top and a soft-fit inner, wore the soft-fit inner on cold days, the tank top on the following hot day, and aired it out without washing it on days when I didn't wear it. I tried this for a week and it was fine. I thought, 'Oh, this is totally doable!'. Also, socks. I tend to sweat easily and I'm aware that my feet can smell (laughs), so I wash non-TAKEFU socks every day. But I wondered, 'How about TAKEFU socks?'. I'm currently experimenting with reusing light air socks without washing, just airing them out. I managed for 3 consecutive days!"

in Switzerland









―Even for those who like to keep things clean, the fact that it can be used without washing might be a helpful guideline.―


U: "Also, in terms of underwear, I always use an inner sheet with my shorts, or before they were available, I would definitely use cloth napkins. This way, the part that gets the dirtiest doesn't get too dirty. So I can use the same underwear for three or four days. It's not something I can say out loud to many people, though."

―I've never heard of using an inner sheet with underwear. It's very good for longevity, even if you wash it every day, as there can be residual stains.―


U: "It's inevitable that clothes wear out from washing. Especially if you live alone, like me, you find yourself staring at the weather forecast, especially at this time of year (June), so you want to minimize it. In this regard, it's a blessing that TAKEFU can be dried indoors. I think the daily support sheet can be used in this way, so it would be great if more people were aware of it and used it. Cloth napkins are also good! They feel good. But some people find them a hassle to wash."

―The daily support sheet is really good, isn't it? I use it too. During menstruation, just applying one sheet makes a huge difference in discomfort. I think those who can use cloth napkins should, but I've tried and struggled with cleaning them... it really is a lifesaver.―


U: "It's not exactly a fight unique to women, but there are those daily challenges that you can't really ask others about. I feel like I've found my own solution to these issues, which is quite satisfying."










―Do you have any other TAKEFU favorites?―


U: "It's been about three years since I started working part-time at TAKEFU, and at the beginning, I was pouring all my salary into company sales (laughs). So honestly, I think I'm into everything they offer."

―And now, after three years, you're going to start working at TAKEFU in earnest. Was there a decisive moment or trigger for this?―


U: "I felt that I could work here with confidence. The people working here, and the fact that I like the products they handle, are a given. When I was on the verge of breaking down physically in the past, I was helped by wearing the products and having people involved with TAKEFU look at my body. More than anything, I felt like I could work here honestly."

―Honestly, you say?―


U: "I'm really bad at lying. In the jobs I've done so far, there were situations where I had to lie. I was taught that it's okay not to tell the truth in certain situations. That was a huge burden for me... At TAKEFU, I don't have to tell convoluted lies. Even in situations where lying is necessary in society, I try to think of ways to avoid it as much as possible. For example, when a friend asks me if their clothes suit them, and I don't think so, I respond with expressions like 'Huh!' or 'Ohh!' I have this stubbornness where I don't want to say 'It suits you!'"

in switzerland2













―I thought you were going to come up with an amazing coping strategy, but it's simple, isn't it (laughs).―


U: "Yes, exclamation words (laughs). I don't want to agree either. I don't want to agree with something I can't agree with. Just keep smiling... I try not to make people feel uncomfortable, but it's not that I'm forcing myself to do it, I think I'm naturally inclined to smile a lot."

"I don't want to lie." U-san, who tells us about her cheeky ways to carry this out. While it may seem like a simple thing, many societies neglect this "honesty" in their efforts to prioritize something else. Thinking about the actual results, people like U-san who respond honestly are trustworthy, and as a business partner or even as a guest, you would want to hear their opinions.

Next, we asked her about her specific job at TAKEFU.

―What kind of work are you doing now?―


U: "I'm essentially doing sales, working between our business partners and TAKEFU. For example, I prepare for events and exhibitions so they can be held smoothly. I also prepare for the president's meetings and sometimes accompany him to run the event. Right now, I'm working on established events like that, but the president has introduced me to various people saying 'we have a salesperson for the first time,' so if we were to take it up a notch, I might start reaching out to areas where TAKEFU hasn't been involved yet."

in switzerland3











―Has your job change led to any new insights or changed your perceptions?―


U: "I've started hearing stories I didn't know when I was in the shop. In the meetings, sometimes TAKEFU fans tell us things we didn't know, like old stories. I've also started to understand how the company operates. Before the product is sold in the SHOP, our designer S-san comes up with ideas with the president and vice president, they decide on a design, request it from the factory, look at the sample, and when the product is actually delivered, the movements of that factory... Seeing the bargaining that goes into creating this product at this cost, but selling it at this price, changes the way you see the product."



―Seeing that seems to enable you to work with even more affection. Are you enjoying your work now?―


U: "I am! It was hard at first because there were a lot of things I didn't understand, but I've gradually gained knowledge by working with the president. The president doesn't seem to have a hidden side. In previous jobs I've had to worry about what he's really thinking even though he says this, how am I being evaluated, how many points did I lose, etc. Compared to that, it's a relief. That's why I want to work sincerely, and it's fun to work with someone who doesn't have a hidden agenda."


―U-san, you have an interesting background as a soccer player, actor, and then TAKEFU. What was your state of mind when you made decisions about your career? Do things you were vaguely thinking about gradually become more realistic?―


U: "It's not gradual, it's sudden. When I quit being a player and became an actor, there was a moment when I thought, oh! I can quit now! Then I thought, what should I do? And I had a sudden inspiration to do something really interesting. It's quite sudden, like, oh, I'll quit! Oh, let's do this! I don't know if it's my personality or if this happens to other people too. Maybe it's a moment of realization. Suddenly, you understand why you were sticking with it, what was holding you back. That's the timing."









―When the choice comes to mind, some people might be afraid to let go of what they've been doing. Why were you able to take action immediately?―

U: "It may also be because I have been blessed with people. You know, there are times when you are interfered with by others. I have been very, very fortunate in that respect, my parents didn't oppose my change, and if I explained it, they generally supported me. I'm really grateful for that. Not only my parents, but also the people around me, there were no one who said negatively like, "Are you okay?", so I didn't have to worry about the eyes of others."

―I've interviewed various people so far, but I felt a straightforwardness typical of those involved in TAKEFU in you, U-san. Is it the straightforwardness of doing what you think is good?―

U: "It's a great relief to have the president and vice president take the brunt of things. Even if something happens, what is really important is clear, so they move to protect it. I think that's amazing. That's why I can work. Isn't there a sense of being able to go for it because of that trust?"

―That's not common, is it? I thought it must be hard with many unfamiliar tasks, but it's reassuring to have support.―

U: "At first, in the morning meeting, it was always said, 'U-san seems to be having a hard time...' (laughs). But all the employees will tell me if I ask them, and they will work with me, and the staff of "eau" also help me, which is really a lifesaver. It's nice to have a fun workplace. Until now, I've been jumping around various places and didn't have a "workplace"... basically, I'm alone. It's reassuring that everyone is here when I come. I think I prefer being with people rather than being alone."

















During this interview, we heard a lot about people around Ms. H, such as the president of TAKEFU, Soda, customers, and her family, more than about herself. Ms. H, comes across as cheerful and radiant, almost like a strong protagonist, but I get the feeling that she's someone who is always thinking of others and finds happiness in that, showing a kindness and abundance of heart. And Ms. H, who is honest and has a hard time with lies.

There are developers, there are people who make things, and there are professionals who "deliver" them to customers. I realized that TAKEFU has come this far because it has various strengths pulling in different directions.


I imagine that the process wasn't without its conflicts and difficulties, but it's impressive how Ms. H speaks about such memories with a smile and fluency. No matter how good a product is, it's meaningless unless it's actually used. 



ナファ生活研究所直営店 Shop of TAKEFU "eau" 勤務。趣味は宝塚観劇、旅行、食事、ラジオなど。 好きな季節は夏。最近は友達とマーダーミステリーというゲームをやる時間が楽しい。


Interviewer  Mi

Born in 1992. Works at the TAKEFU shop "eau". Hobbies include watching Takarazuka Revue shows, traveling, and dining out. Recently,  enjoy time playing a game called "Murder Mystery" among friends. Favorite TAKEFU products include Soft Fit Inner, Spats, and Bath Towels.

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