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For people who have sensitive skin or who simply can’t stand seams. You can wear seamless clothes without any stress. It is as light as air, and despite its thinness, it will stay warm and close to you. This Gauze Inner Wear is the result of the pure thoughts of TAKEFU. 



Flying Bamboo Gauze

Flying Bamboo Gauze is a humanitarian organization established with the aim of contributing to world peace and the welfare of humankind. Inside or outside the country, we will always maintain a neutral position. Regardless of wealth, we will continue to prioritize always being close to and protecting human life with TAKEFU GAUZE (Mamorinuno).



Mamorinuno Series

Mamorinuno, the conscience of TAKEFU, can relieve stress directly. The healing effects of “Comfortableness” are felt by simply touching the skin.

0364/TAKEFU二重ガーゼパジャマ YUME /L

SKU: 4571448880364
  • TAKEFU Gauze Inner Wear is made with 100 percent TAKEFU.

    Made in Japan.

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