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You don’t have to worry about the crackling caused by static electricity and the tingling caused by dryness, and enjoy a comfortable winter with TAKEFU.




Relax Your Whole Body

Many people who come into contact with Yufu fabric for the first time are surprised at the melting touch. Since the stiffness of the whole body is naturally released, the relaxing effect is outstanding, and it gently heals the mind and body.



Eliminate the Worries of the Dry Season

Serious problems in the dry season are dry skin and static electricity. TAKEFU thermals retain a lot of moisture from the atmosphere, moisturizing skin and generating almost no static electricity even in winter. Comfortable innerwear when you go out, and as pajamas or relaxing wear at home, you can spend comfortable days with TAKEFU.


SKU: 4562134880157
  • The double gauze fabric contains plenty of air layers, and keeps you warm even in the cold winter.

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